Behind The Curtain…. Le Chic N Freak Collaborators

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work…

We are so blessed to be connected with creative minds and music makers who love to cultivate unforgettable experiences for this great city. As 2018 raps up, we want to talk about the groups involved in taking Le Chic N Freak to the next level for the start of 2019!

MusicIs4Lovers & Lovelife

Mi4L is not only a source for great events in San Diego, but a powerhouse for all things techno, house, and disco. They boast their own label and recently hit over 10 MILLION plays on Soundcloud! Check out the soundcloud link above to hear Jay Blak’s EP hosted on the Mi4L soundcloud.

Mi4L was founded by two music lovers; Jimbo James and Jon Dadon, both of which are performing at Le Chic N Freak! They’ve hosted parties all over San Diego and have put together a dope New Years Day boat party featuring Skream and OPTION4. With support from Deep End selektors Cris Herrera, Eric Medina, JNav, and Uri Leshner.

Check out their website: Musicis4lovers for awesome articles, mixes, and to learn about the acts on their label.

Oscar P. AKA Open Bar Music

Oscar P. is a veteran party thrower, with 30+ years in the music game he has seen it all. Oscar is an avid traveler and a Co-Founder of West Coast Weekender, which is in it’s second year of bringing fantastic music to a venue near you San Diego! Oscar is originally from Brooklyn, but has been a long time resident of San Diego.

When he’s not cultivating musical experiences for cities across America, Oscar is creating House Music for the world to enjoy. Catch him on Youtube, Spotify, and Pandora! He also loves watching boxing and MMA, comic books, and his beautiful wife Jessica. Oscar is a long long long time homie and we look forward to ringing in the New Year with him!
Open Bar Music on Instagram

StayBad & House2Ourselves

Matt Kim aka Positive Language is a Staybad and House2Ourselves resident selektor and sites Eric Prdyz as an influence in his life (good choice). He has been passionate about music from a young age and loves being able to share that passion with others.

Matt is passionate about sustainability and making people dance. Two things that should be highly regarded as we make our way into 2019! Check him out performing on the holy grail of boat parties, Holy Ship! Catch him doing a b2b set on Spiegel Deck-6 FWD at midnight on Monday January 7th. Have fun out there Matt!!

Another Staybad selektor is Post Script, comprised of PJ and Shane. Catch them at Le Chic N Freak opening up the Chic stage from 8 to 10 pm! These twin brothers hail from Massachusetts and have been passionate about the creative aspects of making music from a young age. One of their major influences is Red Hot Chili Peppers, because of how well the band could create feelings that resonated with you.

PJ and Shane strive to help people find an escape from their troubles, and they strive to do this through their music. Shane also does visual production and loves to be able to give the crowd a spectacular experience, either with music or amazing visuals. PJ is a long time song writer, having written lyrics for a wide array of genres, from hip hop to alternative music.

Catch them on Holy Ship playing b2b with Positive Language! We can’t wait to see you guys at Le Chic N Freak!
Staybad & House2Ourselves Instagram

Laura Peck

Laura Peck, DJ and producer is apart of the DA trippy (silent) Disco this year at Le Chic N Freak NYE! A USD graduate, she also curates events for Epiphany Audio. She has performed at venues all across San Diego, from Kava Lounge to Fluxx to Full Moon Campouts. A love of techno and all things music, she has been producing and performing for a long time.

Why do I feel like shes about to drop some serious beats on the crowd in that picture!? Laura’s musical mission is to provide a channel of healing and growth through the art of sound. Laura always has a smile on her face and radiates fantastic vibes, we are stoked that you joined the Le Chic N Freak team!
Laura’s Soundcloud


Bouquet is comprised of two long time friends who met through a backwards cigarette and a Heineken on a dance floor. Bailey and Jordan since then have been busy creating an interstellar funk sound that will soon be taking over DA trippy (Silent) Disco at Le Chic N Freak.

Bailey, a Las Vegas native and half of Bouquet., sees music as a creative outlet to express his essence and is inspired by the people who surround, mentor, and support him. He loves the “forever unknown” of working in the music industry, it definitely makes life a lot more interesting!
When Bailey isn’t making funky tunes he is with his dog Brooklyn. “A day in the life of Brooklyn Vol. 1” might be in the works, but hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Jordan, the other half of Bouquet., was drawn to electronic music’s form. What started as experimentation gradually transformed into a love of music and away he went! Jordan enjoys the freedom of expression that music offers. A safe space that takes him down the rabbit hole where he constantly is discovering and mastering new things.

Whats next for Bouquet.? Besides new shows at different venues, they are working on their own music label and merch! Community has always been important to Bouquet., which is something they want to create outside of the nightclub scene as 2019 gets underway!
Bouquet. on Instagram

Big shout out to all of these organizations that helped in putting together Le Chic N Freak NYE! We are three days away and 90% sold out. Don’t sleep on getting your ticekts!

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