Walker & Royce: “We’re Serious About Not Being Serious”

By: Molly Sinclair

Sam Walker and Gavin Royce have been heating up dance floors as DJ duo Walker & Royce, leading the tech house scene with wonderfully weird beats (but “the weird has to work”, they explain).  The Brooklyn-based group has been touring the globe with the Dirtybird crew and other choice house cats, so we could not be more thrilled to see them make a stop at San Diego’s West Coast Weekender festival coming up May 4-7, 2017.
Having the chance to interview W&R, we learned about their thoughts on the East Coast vs. West Coast scenes, who the wildest Dirtybird is, and how they really feel about SD’s beloved California burritos.  

1. We are most excited for your set at West Coast Weekender!  What feeling do you hope the crowd receives when you play?

W&R: Well first of all San Diego has always been one of our favorite places to play, we love the vibe of the people and the area. Its nothing like NYC but in a good way. We want people to have fun when we DJ, we want them to laugh, smile and dance. We don’t like it when things get too serious. I guess you could say we are serious about not being serious, we don’t judge and don’t want to be judged.

2. Hailing from NYC, what are some unique differences you have experienced with the East Coast vs. West Coast house music scene?

W&R: The West Coast scene, festivals, etc everything feels more open and free spirited and creates a very different vibe. We here on the East Coast want to do the same thing but our lovely winters don’t always cooperate so we have a shorter time to be outside. But at the same time we do have a really good club culture here! People stay out really late. So it’s a trade off, it’s just different.

3. Over the past few years, you guys have become a staple of the Dirtybird roster led by Claude Vonstroke.  On the real, what is it like being a member of the Birdhouse? 

W&R: Its been the best thing that happened to us. Being from NYC we didn’t really have a crew or similar artists that we sort of fit with. We were playing a bunch in the UK but hardly ever in the States. The way we linked up with CVS and the crew was really natural and not forced at all. It has always felt right and we think that shows in our recent success. It really gave us a platform we never had before.

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4. So who is the wildest Dirtybird?  We love a good story… 

W&R: I think everyone on Dirtybird has a wild side and also brings the wild out of people around them. However we have to hand it to Justin Martin, the guy is a machine. He does it all and never breaks a sweat. He is the last guy at the party, he is the life of the party. And then to top it off he DJs more then anyone else we know while entertaining the world through his insane social media presence.

5. Your tracks are some of the most recognized in tech house right now (“Hit Them Draws”, “Peep This Cat”).  What is the process behind some of those abstract, catchy bits? 

W&R: We LOVE things to be a bit weird, but the weird has to work. We usually try a bunch of different things that don’t work but then something will just stick out. It took us a while to know what works and what doesn’t.

6. When you’re not listening to electronic music, what kind of music do you love?  

W&R: We both love our 80’s new wave jams and some boogie RnB but we also listen to a lot of different stuff. We are making it a point to not just be up on the new house music tracks, we try and pay attention to Pop and Hip Hop these days. We think it helps us not get tired of the music we are writing.

7. For the serious questions… Are you guys going to rage when you come to San Diego?  Is it a marathon or a sprint?  Do you like California Burritos?  

W&R: Of course we are going to rage!!! We can’t wait to come back! We’d like to say its a marathon even though we always end up sprinting and running out of steam quick. We LOVE California Burritos with the fries inside. Please let us know the best place in town so we go to the right spot for them.
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