What to wear to Le Chic N Freak

Le Chic N Freak!? What do I wear to this New Years celebration!? A question always deeply pondered and the answer, well the answer is seldom found within the first, second, or even third attempt at putting something together when the stakes are high. Lets be honest here, the stakes are at it’s peak when talking about wearing something to a New Years party.


You want to step in the room and be heard, but not because you’ve had one too many vodka cranberries and cant control your voice. You want your outfit to speak for you; In a loud voice for it to scream, “I’m a themed, mean, party queen!” Or king, or whatever you identify as, its all love around here.

Lets talk about what it means to be Chic, to be elegantly and stylishly fashionable. A head turner, someone who is dripping in finesse and has fashion figured out; coordinated from head to toe.

Guys, a suave look never goes out of fashion. Especially when you put your own style on it.

A classic black cocktail dress is always a crowd pleaser as well. Don’t forget those “Happy New Year” tiaras at home ladies!

But then what about the other side? My personal favorite side, the freaky. What does it mean to be a freak? We like to think of the freak as someone who dances to the beat of their own drum, who doesn’t concern themselves with what people think.

That’s creative, we dig it. Talk about a real house head! The possibilities are endless with the freaky side of things, we encourage people to come as they please and wear something that expresses who they are.
Whether you are the Queen of the sea…

The Queen of the disco….

Or just the Queen of your own energy.

We are just super thrilled that your fine self and your crew are celebrating with us this New Years Eve!

We encourage peeps to check out the photo gallery so you can see more pictures from last year’s Le Chic N Freak!!

Gallery 1 

Gallery 2 

Gallery 3 


Stay sexy San Diego, we will see you Chicy Freaky party animals on December 31st!

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