Why I Wouldn’t Be Anywhere Other Than Las Rocas this New Year’s


by Molly Sinclair

New Year’s Eve is a true time for celebration, but it takes the right event to make the night special.  While some seek a thrilling night at a show or a club, others prefer a more intimate night with friends, like the classic house party.  Last year at Las Rocas, I was lucky enough to get the best of both worlds – a cozy affair that still had enough extravagance for a memorable New Years holiday.
I’ve never been a huge fan of list articles, but there are so many reasons why I am returning to the tropical gala south of the border this year again. The most obvious, you get a vacation in Mexico, only 40 minutes away from San Diego!  The weather was prime in the day, with sunny skies in the middle of winter.  The resort is right on the gorgeous beach, and we loved exploring the vendors on the sand selling fresh oysters, clams, and other delicious fish from the coast of Rosarito.  You could lay out in the salty sun, munch on citrus ceviche, and enjoy the deep Mexico sunset as you looked forward to another night of dancing and cheap drinks.
img_1507            img_1518Speaking of cheap, one of the best parts of the whole trip is how inexpensive it is.  For three nights at a stylish resort, plus the entire festival price, it is only a fraction of what a U.S. event with lodging would be… in other words, crazy cheap, and much more beautiful.  Additionally, the exchange rate is definitely favorable, saving you plenty of cash for margaritas and tacos.
Aside from the low cost and stunning location, the true gem is of course, the event.  Overall I just loved how it was low key enough to be able to mingle with friends at the three stages or at cool lounge spots with fire pits and couches, but also hyped us enough to really rage the holiday away.  Everyone was in incredible spirits, because I mean, you’re partying in Mexico with all of your closest friends.  It was also remarkably easy to meet new people since you see the same few hundred faces throughout the weekend, and the hotel rooms are at the event itself.
With three nights of music, the pressure isn’t reliant on a single night to have fun. The relaxing atmosphere put your mind at ease.  You could take a nap and wake up to party whenever you chose, day or night.  I heard all kinds of beats, from dope house to nostalgic classics, with so much music pumping out of Las Rocas for the entirety of the getaway.  Las Rocas provided a refreshing alternative to the packed, long-line, overpriced club nights on New Year’s, instead giving us plenty of room to dance and celebrate.
Though I often prefer to do a different thing for NYE every year, this event was unique, and obviously has me and my crew returning to Rosarito for another round of debauchery.  Be sure to grab a hotel room as they are almost sold out; it’s much easier to walk out the door and be at the center of action rather than taking cabs, though you’ll still have a blast either way.  Oh, and bring a onesie for Sunday’s themed night, when everyone bonds together in comfort for one last evening to remember, and bring your floaties for the infinity pools.  We’ll see you in the deep end.
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