Little Black Diamond’s New Year’s Eve Fashion Tip: Freak Out Your Formal Wear

Fashion Captain & Little Black Diamond

The unofficial-official dress code “Chic n’ Freak” can seem super broad. But the reality is, there are only three options. Chic: elegantly and stylishly fashionable. Freak: outlandish and sensual. And a combination of both! What isn’t an option, is coming basic, bland, or boring. To help us hone in even more on the look, we turned to our friends at Little Black Diamond for style advice.

Little Black Diamond is a two woman independent business. All their designs are made ethically right here in San Diego, CA. Everyone making the clothing works in a clean, safe environment and is paid a fair living wage.

Adrienne Shon, Founder & CEO, has been operating LBD for 6 years, quickly becoming a mainstay fashion house in the festival wear arena.

Start off with that gown, cocktail dress, suit, and even tux, and add a freaky detail like one of Little Black Diamond’s harnesses, belts, or collars.

Show your inner freak: you can be cheeky and just let a little flash of faux leather show through some open buttons.

Or you can go full-chic-n-freak with a combo ensemble that can transform even the most demure of gowns into a dominatrix get-up.

Here are some more looks from the models’ own clothing, embellished with freaky additions from Little Black Diamond, to inspire you for New Year’s Eve! Remember, you can shop most of these looks by going to the LBD website, but each item is a limited run, so collect the pieces now before their collections run out!

Sometimes, dressing to impress isn’t just about being as chic as possible. You can also impress, by adding a freaky layer that shows how fun you are.

No matter what, have fun! That’s the one big rule of New Year’s Eve that’s universal.

See you at Coasterra!

Marcel a.k.a. Fashion Captain

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