Hunt & Gather’s New Years Eve Fashion Tip: Drape Yourself In Statement Pieces, Bling and Furs

Fashion Captain and Hunt & Gather

“Chic n’ Freak” can sound intimidating, but it’s as anything goes as it gets! On one side of the spectrum you have chic, which can be a little more festive around the holidays, so dress to the nines and accessorize! And then of course there’s freak, which is flirty and sensual. No strangers to delivering on both ends of the fashion spectrum are our friends at Hunt & Gather, a boutique in North Park serving stylish festival wear!

Hunt & Gather is a specialty curated hybrid clothing store of vintage and modern fashion. Its inventory is clothes for people that have a vision for their own personal style.

I met with Dani and Zoe. The shop has been going since 2009. They started out in Normal Heights in a smaller space behind a cafe called Cream (now Lestat’s). They have been in a perfect spot in North Park for 9 years. Here’s their tip to make sure you embody the pomp and glamour that the occasion commands!

Be sure to check out Hunt & Gather at 2871 University Avenue in North Park for any statement pieces, bling, or fur – their stock is the best in town! The store itself is a North Park institution and neighborhood treasure.

Here are some more looks, for vibrant women AND savvy men, to inspire your own ensembles!

The best thing you could ever wear is whatever makes you feel fabulous! Because your confidence is what makes the outfit come to life and makes you memorable. It all goes together!

See you at Coasterra!

Marcel a.k.a. Fashion Captain

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