Four Must-Do Activities at Le Chic N Freak

This is more than just your typical music event peeps! What else is Le Chic N Freak bringing to the table!? What other cool stuff are we conducting besides superb beats, a glistening city skyline, and some awe-inspiring visuals!?

Let’s start simple. But Deepend… my squad and I wanna party until the sun comes up!? We don’t wanna end at 2 am. Your wish is our command. Call us the Party Genies. We are having the first ever after party of 2019, yeah you could call us trendsetters. Just remember who did it first in the year 2019.

We have West Coast Weekender co-founder Oscar P headlining! With support from Andrew Wilkinson of The Deep End and Positive Language aka Stay bad!

And then to keep the vibes going we set sail for the first boat party of the year!! Skream & Option4 will be the captains along with our residents Cris Herrera, Eric Medina & rare set by Jnav. Plus our special guest Uri Leshner!! Come soak up some sun rays with us and lets start the year party!!

Now to the other cool activities going down at Le Chic N Freak!

We have activated a silent disco for all your house head needs. Your ears will be warmed by our groovy tunes and comfy headsets.

Have you ever taken your headphones off and just people watched? Yeah neither have we, but we heard its pretty funny.



What else you got Le Chic N Freak!? How about some oculus virtual reality to alter your mind?Talk about getting trippy mane. There will be a couple different things to do while in the VR universe, but you’ll just have to discover those on your own.

But me and my squad want something memorable to take home with us…. Or post on instagram. We want something to send to Grandma when she asks for some cute New Years pics!!

We got you San Diego don’t even trip. We will be having a green screen photo booth for all of your instagram posting, picture-loving Grandma needs. Here’s a pic from last year’s photo booth.

We are stepping it up this year though SD! Did I already mention the greenscreen….

But this isn’t your high school prom greenscreen, this is gonna be…. Epic! No Lei’s or cheesy fireworks here fam.

Silent Disco, Virtual Reality, and GIF booths OH MY…. Don’t be caught outside! We are bringing some fun interactive stuff for you and your squad to get down with. There’s so much more stuff included with each of these installations, but I can’t just ruin the surprise! You’ll have to be there to really see the activations come to life!

What are you most excited for? What do you think would be a cool addition? We love to hear from you! After all, our event attendees from last year helped us dream up these cool activations!

Drop a comment on our Facebook event with some ideas:


Or our


We are less than 1 month to celebrating New Years Eve at the Coasterra! Can’t wait to see you and your crew in the silent disco, or taking some sweet pics at our photo booth.

Stay sexy San Diego!


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